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UPm 4/5 GE

PEDROLLO Vertical Multistage Submersible Pump

• High pressure, medium flow applications
• Suits medium to larger houses
• Rated for continuous service
• Very quiet and efficient


• 67 metres max head
• 120 litres per minute max flow rate
• 1.1 kW, 240V submersible motor suitable for continuous duty
• 32 mm outlet
• Weight 16.2 kg
• 10m DRINCABLE type power cable


• Stainless steel shaft
• Stainless steel pump housing
• Long life bearings
• Mech seal, Ceramic/Graphite/NBR &Sic/Graphite/NBR
• Thermal overload protection
• Quiet running, very reliable
• Can be supplied with a heavy-duty electronic controller with built-in pressure gauge
• High suction point
• Verticle or horizontal installation
• Maximum sand content 150g/m3
• 20m maximum immersion depth


Pump Performance:

Pump Dimensions: