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ZAP Series

ZENOX Diaphragm Air Pumps

  • Compact, high quality diaphragm air pump
  • Aerated wastewater treatment
  • Aquarium aeration
  • Large air quantity at maximum air pressure
Three Models Available:
ZAP-80 (80 Litres per minute output)
ZAP-100 (100 Litres per minute output)
ZAP-120 (120 Litres per minute output)


  • Compact, IPX4 rated aluminium alloy construction
  • Double-damping system and noise-absorbing function
  • Duplex diaphragm configuration – enables large quantity of air production at maximum pressure
  • Non-oil lubricated design
  • Facilitation of quick heat dissipation
  • Long service life and low energy consumption
  • Unique rubber diaphragm composition ensures steady air output
  • Uncompromised high performance with low noise output
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Pump Performance:
Pump Specifications:

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